RideLit LED Skateboard Light

Our RideLit LED Skateboard Light is a groovy marker that attaches easily and quickly on the under-side of your skateboard deck - no tools required! Affix one or several, depending on how much light you'd like to emit (or attention you'd like to receive). Easy to remove, thanks to hook-and-loop attachment.

  • 23 grams, approximately 1.25 x 2 inches.
  • Constructed with very durable yet soft plastic.
  • Includes adhesive hook-and-loop for semi-permanent attachment option.
  • Simple on/off button switch has two modes: blinking or steady.
  • Illuminates a 4-foot radius; visible up to one mile.
  • Floats and is water-resistant, but not water-PROOF - we recommend that you dry out the battery compartment if it gets wet.
  • Powered by two replaceable CR2016 3V lithium coin cell batteries (included) that provide 25+ hours of brightness. An extra set of batteries is also included!
Another amazing product manufactured by NiteIze, Inc.

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