Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc

The Flashflight LED light-up flying disc is our original light-up disc, and yep, this is the one you've seen flying everywhere: on the beach, at the park, in the parking structure, on the golf course (shh! that's our little secret). Created by an ultimate freak and his brainy friend, the Flashflight flies long and straight, just like a regular ultimate disc. People love their Flashflights SO much, they play where/whenever they can. 


  • Constructed with very high-quality, hand-friendly, soft plastic that is durable and ready for lots of action.
  • Illuminated using a single LED and nine fiber-optic strands. Pretty darn cool-looking, actually. The entire discs glows and isn't blinding, which is key when it's flying toward you!
  • Powered by replaceable and readily available batteries (included). One set of batteries provides 20-25 hours of light-up fun.
  • Features a low-profile on/off switch and battery compartment.
  • Floats and is water-resistant - but not water-PROOF. It's not a big deal if it gets wet. We just recommend that you dry out the battery compartment when you're done playing.
  • Engineered to fly long and straight.
  • 185 grams, 10.7-inch (27-cm) diameter.
  • Available in white with four LED options: red, green, blue, and Disc-o (a cool LED that slowly cycles through several colors).
  • Unique, memorable birthday gift appreciated by all ages.
  • Makes a great serving platter.
  • Manufactured in Denver, CO, by Nite Ize, Inc.

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