Frequently Asked Questions

Help! My light goes off after 30 seconds. Why?

Your product is still in “try-me” mode. To fix: turn your light off. Press it on again, but this time keep pressing until the light flashes rapidly. Continue to hold until the light goes off. Hooray, you are now ready for action! (Alternative remedy: remove and replace the batteries.)

What kind of batteries do I need?

Our products require two CR2016 3V batteries.

How do I replace the batteries?

One-battery twist on/off Flashflights (click for pics)

Two-battery twist on/off Flashflights (click for pics)

All push-button Flashflight discs and the Dog Discuit: Pry off the cap (screwdriver, key, or knife work well), take out the light module, replace batteries, then re-assemble. Be sure the cap is securely affixed before hucking it across the field.

Meteorlights: Pry out the plug w/ a screwdriver, take out the light module, replace the batteries, then re-assemble. Be sure to give the plug a firm WHACK on a solid surface before heading out to play again - this prevents blow-outs.

All ___Lit products: pry off the cap, take out the light module, replace batteries, then re-assemble. Be sure the cap is securely affixed before getting distracted by something else.

How long will batteries usually last?

One set of batteries will last approximately 20-25 hours. In sub-freezing temps, customers have told us their batteries don't last as long. Also, we have found that many of our products arrive home from the store with less-than-fresh batteries because so many people fiddle with them on the shelf. So if you're dark after a seemingly short period of time after purchasing, please try new batteries before sending us an email asking us for help!

Do you sell missing pieces/parts?

Indeed, our sister site, GearSense, sells replacement parts for our products. So if you've lost a cap, battery holder, or plug, head on over there and stock up.

Can any of these light-up products get wet?

Definitely! All of our products float and are water-resistant. However, they are not waterPROOF, so please give them a little TLC if they get wet. All you need to do is pop off the battery cap, dry off the batteries and wires/circuitry, and air dry. Beware: salt water corrodes the little batteries, so take the time to dry them off so they don't get all nasty. (If it's too late, no big deal. Just discard the batteries, wipe everything off w/ a clean cloth, pop in some new batteries, and you'll be good to go.)

I see the Flashflight weighs 185 grams. Isn't that a little heavy?

Yes, it's heavier than the usual 175-gram ultimate disc. However, we found that the 185-gram prototypes flew farther and straighter than our 175-gram prototype discs, which were actually very unstable. In addition, we found the 185-gram version could slice through the wind a lot better than the lighter one. Skeptical? Give it a try! If you're unsatisfied, send it back for a full refund.

These discs fly really far. Any suggestions for making my fetch-mate more visible?

Good question! We had problems seeing one another as we tested the prototypes. So we made a cool little "headband of light" called a TaskLit. It's NOT a headlamp - headlamps are too bright. TaskLits are illuminated using the same single-LED lighting mechanism used in a Flashflight. They make it possible to see your buddy up to 300 yards away and are available in red or white. We even sell a little game set that includes two TaskLits and one Flashflight.

Are there any fun games we can play with our light-up discs?

Of course!! We've put together a guide explaining some easy-to-learn disc games, from ultimate to frickets to disc croquet. Check it out here: Disc Games Guide.

Are these fabulous toys available in a store near me?

Probably - at last count, we had product in 1500 stores (yowzers!). Feel free to email the and politely ask her where the heck you can get one in your neck of the woods OR order online.

I know of a store where your products would sell like hot-cakes. Do you want to know about it?

By all means! Please contact us w/ any retail suggestions... if the store currently doesn't carry the Flashflight and ends up carrying our stuff, we'll gladly send you a freebie in gratitude. When you email the store info to us, be sure to include your shipping address.

I'm not so gentle on my toys - is this thing going to break on me?

We aren't so gentle, either, which is why we got into this business! We wanted to create fun light-up toys that would last and last and last with NORMAL use, a little abuse, and some new batteries now and then. So we designed a tough, resilient lighting mechanism, chose LEDs that last thousands of hours, and researched the best plastics that would allow us to stay out as long as we wanted to. And believe us when we tell you - these toys are tough!!!

What kind of plastic do you use in your products?

The Flashflight is made with a polyethylene material. We wanted the plastic to be a little softer than standard ultimate discs because it's generally colder after the sun sets and the softer plastic is easier on receiving hands. This particular polymer also gives the disc a little more "bendability" as well. It doesn't crease like other discs do when you "taco" it - it actually lays flat again.The smaller discs, __Lit products, and Meteorlight balls are made with a polyurethane material. This type of plastic is soft, flexible, durable, translucent, and slightly stickier, making these products easier for all hand sizes to catch, throw, or handle at any time of day.

What kind of LEDs are in your products? Are they blinding?

We hope you don't get blinded! When we designed our toys, we did everything we could to prevent such unfortunate incidents. The LEDs we use are classified as "super bright," but we only use one per product. The light gets diffused evenly throughout the plastic, which causes the entire thing to glow. Trust us, our toys will not blind you. (Note: I am a total klutz and have poor night vision, and even I can successfully play with these things. Miraculous!)

What's up with the fiber optics?

The Flashflight discs have an array of nine fiber optics that radiate from the center of the disc. These fibers carry the light out to the rim of the disc, thereby making the disc easier to see when it's flying toward you. Bonus feature: the fiber optics also make the disc look really, really cool. Check out the disc simulator to see what I mean.

Is there a difference in brightness between the LED colors?

Yes. The red LED is the brightest, the green LED is the next brightest, and the blue and Disc-o LEDs are the least bright. People who want to really throw far tend to choose the red or green products if you're going to be playing in close proximity to your friends, we suggest going with your personal preference. You can check out the disc simulator to view each one in action.

Do you sell "regular" discs as well?

Absolutely - we sell one unlit, unadorned, white disc at the moment. It's called the Ultimate Disc because it weighs 175 grams and rivals the best ultimate discs available on the market. Our engineers are avid ultimate freaks, and they looooove this disc.

Can I print on your products?

Certainly - all of our discs make a perfect canvas for your artwork! We require a minimum order of 36. For more information, please contact us.

What are some other uses for these fun light-up products?

The list is quite extensive, but here are a few of our favorite unsporty uses for some of our products:

  • Flashflight and Ultimate Disc: serving platter, dog bowl, fly swatter, beer mug (6-pack!), sled.
  • Flashflight jr.: sun visor, plate.
  • Flashflight mini: holiday ornament, baby mobile (use several), beverage coaster.
  • TaskLit and SpotLit: bike, costume, or party accessory.
  • Spokelit: stroller or baby jogger light.
  • Meteorlight: mood light/votive, paper weight, table/buffet centerpiece (place several in a glass bowl - artsy!). Please contact us with your creative ideas!

Geez! You rambled on and on but I still have a question - what now?

Simply drop a nice little email to our Info Gal. If you're nice enough, she'll write back right away with an answer.