by Flashflight Information | December 19, 2007

We here at Flashflight Central had one frustrating yet illuminating year 2006. Frustrating because we had to spend an overwhelming amount of time and energy defending our intellectual property in the legal system. Simply put, the battle was too similar to the worldwide issues confronting us every day (the ones we try to temporarily forget by making toys that light up our inner child!).

But the experience has also been illuminating because it helped us continue our commitment to FUN with increased vigor - more high-quality, light-up toys will soon be available.

More importantly, our legal experience allowed us to expand our commitment to include PEACE. We're not big fans of conflict, whether it's on a global scale or a person-to-person scale.

So we're initiating a Peace Campaign. Some of our products are now available with the universal symbol of Peace, the simple symbol that speaks volumes. Listen, and run with it. And if there is something in our message that rings true with you, pass it along, as far as you can.

In addition, with each Peaceful purchase you make, we'll donate a portion of our profits to The Peace Alliance (, an historic citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Department of Peace.

In the spirit of Fun, Light, and Peace, your friends at Flashflight

Give a little Peace

ps - It was truly a delight to receive an email from an Israeli Flashflight fan this summer, right in the middle of the religious fury that was shaking up his region, requesting more discs. This leads us to believe ...

    If there is peace in the heart
    there will be peace in the home

    If there is peace in the home
    there will be peace in the city

    If there is peace in the city
    there will be peace in the country

    If there is peace in the country
    there will be peace in the world
    (Author unknown)

    pass it on ...
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