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If you want a simple, unbreakable and lightweight toy for kids and adults to enjoy then the Flashflight ticks every box. It brought together a group of beer and camping addled friends for a hilarious and fun evening in a field. And it looks damn cool just waved around at night.


I've been playing competitive disc sports for over 25 years now, and I've tried a number of lighted discs. Until now, they've always disappointed me because they don't fly as well as my normal discs. Flashflight is the exception. It seems perfectly balanced, feels great in my hands for throwing and catching, and it has an awesome flight path - really stable. It's always in my disc bag now - I've already played at night on the field, in snow and in the desert... yeeeeeehaaaa!

Larry Imperiale,

As well as outstanding night time visuals, this disc has great feel, weight and balance - a genuine flyer. And there's more - It's water resistant and floats. Discology is particularly mad on disc golf and this disc means we don't have to stop when the sun goes down, disc frenzy 24-7. We've also furnished the Discology's chill out room with Flashflights (wall mounted) and we also use them for serving pistachios.

Richard Sampson, England

In my 25 + years in the disc business, I've come across many products for night-time flying disc fun. The new Flashflight is the best lighted disc I've seen! Durability, simplicity, brightness, flight, plastic... this disc has it ALL!"

Bill Wright, Fort Collins, CO

I've thrown the Flashflight with teammates after evening practices and with friends in the backyard. At all ranges (short to long) the mechanics of throwing this disc are really similar to those used when throwing a 175g ultimate disc. This is sweet because you can throw all the same throws with this disc that you would (or would like to) in an ultimate game. And hucks, hammers, scoobers, and even high-flicks all have a little bit different look when throwing with a lighted disc.

The disc is not only easy to see in the dark, but it's fun to watch while it flies. It seems to be pretty durable too when it comes to throwing rollers, which also looks pretty cool with a lighted disc. Easy to throw and catch, and interesting to watch. Pretty simple and pretty fun.

Will Deaver, Boulder, CO

Hi! I got a flashflight this summer after a friend brought one on a camping trip in BC, Canada. It seemed like the perfect item to bring out with me to the Himalaya, where I do field work. I'm a geologist and have just started working towards my PhD at Dalhousie University in Halifax. I spent October in Bhutan, a small Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. My guide was 23 years old, and learned to throw a disc quickly - his forehand is better than mine now! We tossed my flashflight at Chomolhari base camp (4100 m), in the snow above Shodu (4200 m), and many other great locations, occasionally dodging or slipping on yak dung (gross). It was the perfect thing for winding down and warming up after a long day of hiking once the sun had dropped behind the mountains. It even survived a drop into the Thim Chu (river).

Thanks for helping make my field season so fantastic. I met friends in Thailand for two weeks on my way home and we pulled it out on the beach in the evenings. Again, the flashflight was perfect because only in the evening was it comfortably cool enough to run around. It was a hit with the locals. Thanks for such a fantastic idea!

Dawn Kellett, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Simply the best. All summer long me and a bunch of friends meet at a park at about sunset and play Ultimate for a few hours. There's a huge bridge for pedestrians only nearby that goes across the TN River, and people are always stopping and saying, "Dude, look at that." Every week random people come up and ask if they can play with us too. Simply the best light up disc out there, no questions."

Rob Ashby, Chattanooga, TN

We just got back from our vacation to Holden Beach, NC. Thursday night, we had the entire beach all a buzz as we had 3 Flashflights and 6 Taillights going hard.

People walking on the beach kept coming up to us and asking where we got the Flashflights and Taillights. The only color we were missing was green so I think we will have to add that to the mix next summer. It was amazing how bright the blue and red were.

Morris family, Midlothian, VA

I can't thank you guys enough for the flashflight. For years my friend and I have been looking for a way to keep playing on into to the night. Often the solution was to just rough it and use a regular white frisbee and hope that the 1 street light next to the field would be enough. Needless to say it wasn't easy on us, especially when we'd think the disc was farther away than it actually was.

You've really put together a well balanced light-up disc, and our bruised forheads thank you for it.

Tom, East Brunswick, NJ

I played for South Africa at the World Championships in Finland last year. I then played in the World Beach Championship in Portugal later the same month. I saw the flashflight disc there and just couldn't leave without one. It was a complete answer to our prayers.

The days of searching for floodlit fields or buying "glow in the dark" discs were over. No sunlight was no longer a problem, rather a blessing! We got hold of another 6 discs from BULA. Cape Town has fantastic beaches and while playing on different beach, we are been inundated with people asking where to purchase the discs. There has also been interest expressed by local sports retail shops too.

Brent Davison, Southern Africa

I dont know about you, but I know that two things are for sure. It's HOT in the midwest, and I love to play disc all the time. During the day its impossible to go outside let alone toss the disc! Flashflight to the rescue! Now we play all night, everynight with a beautifully illiuminated disc. Great feel, you are able to bomb open fields. This disc also floats like a dream.

Great idea, Great price, and shipping was FAST! The local Kansas City PDGA, and disc tossers thank you!

Greg, Kansas City, MO

We were introduced to the flashflight fully illuminated flying disc by our friend Jacob. Before we used your product we had to use a cheap glow in the dark disc. Your product illuminated our night games and allowed for hours of extra fun. I have never seen a better flying disc. I don't know what we would do with out it. we give it a full five stars- gold stars.

Thank you so much for providing us with such an exceptional flying disc, and thank you jacob, for introducing us to it.

Amy and Sarah, Buffalo, MN

I bought a flashflight for playtime with my dog after work. I hoped that it would allow me to exercise the dog after dark, with the dog showing the same interest that he would during daytime play. I was wrong. The dog went nuts for this thing, much more so than daytime disc throwing. He usually gets bored after a few minutes, but he would not leave this thing alone.

Its also built much better than I expected. Great engineering job, guys. Molding the fiber optics right into the disc is brilliant. Looks fairly dog-proof, definitely crash-proof. I'm glad I bought it and I've been recommending it to my friends that have dogs.

Anonymous, Houston, TX

Beer marketing is a tough, highly competitive business. The expected and overdone neon lights, metal beer signs, banners, posters and table tents dominate the retail landscape. The Flashflight light up disc gives Redhook an effective promotional tool that cuts through the clutter of other breweries. The fact that so many of our customers love to play ultimate and enjoy quality beer after the game made the idea of a light up Redhook disc extremely appealing.

Redhook Brewery

We've had a lot of fun hooking up with Flashflight... and we finally have a toy that works both in the bars and after last call!

Nelson Jay,

the taillight really lifts playing with the flashflight to another level. i bought two of them, one green and one red. the taillight looks like a gadget from the apple people. somehow very stylish and if it is not turned on, you wonder: what is it? the construction is very simple but highly effective. really nice! the size can be easily adjusted and you can wear the taillight around the head or neck or just on the arm. the green taillight has a very nice color and gives a wonderful contrast to my red flashflight. i recommend ordering at least two taillights when ordering a flashflight.

people are so happy when you just hand them a taillight to play with you all night long! and when you pull out the headband all the way you can swing the taillight, creating rings of light! and with two taillights you can do that juggling thing, where you swing them in big circles around your body. looks awesome with two colors!!! in the night we had so much place in the parc (that is usually crowded) and we threw very high and long throws. a green and a red point running in the darkness after a lighted disc!! so much fun! and people are always coming and asking and i hand out my flashflight postcards with my id-code... thank you for your great products!!! now i need to convince our ultimate coach to provide the team with 7+7 taillights!

Arne Bratenstein, Germany

Wow! What a disc. Day or night, this is the disc of choice. We take it camping and amaze all who see it. Perfect balance...perfect weight and a beautiful, consistent flight path.

Tom Simmins, Steamboat Springs, CO

I would like to thank you for giving us Tron fans something we have all wanted for YEARS :)

Nik Davis, Mount Vernon, IL

I am a big kid when it comes to flying discs. I was searching for a disc that lit up, flew nice and wouldnt break! This is the one I have been waiting for. I played with my son, wife and little girl and we scuffed it up but it continued to work great. We love the disco, cool colors. My kid hangs it on his wall and lets the colors change after we have played. Nice product!

Jessie Thompson, Stamford, CT

Congrats to you for making a fine product. We are ultimate diehards in Phoenix, and have been in the process of searching for a real disc we can play with at night. We had just about given up after playing with two discs from two different companies. The plastic was too stiff and unfriendly, and the lighting mechanisms were poorly engineered, and difficult to see. One disc's light cut out every time it hit the ground. AND HERE COMES FLASHFLIGHT!!

It is a totally different world. Very durable, easy to see and catch, and well engineered. Our evening ultimate experience is forever changed. Thank you for making a great product!!

Phoenix Ultimate, Phoenix, Arizona

"THANK YOU! I have had my flashflight disc for about a week and haven't missed a night yet. I love it. Everything about this Flashflight is great. What an awesome idea!"

Paul Krenzke, Carmel, IN

I bought the Flashflight after reading all the reviews, and I just have to write in and say it is the best toy I have bought in years--and I buy a lot of toys, and for $20, this was a no brainer. I am a causal disc player and ever since I got the Flashflight I have been skirting all academic responsibilities and playing for hours at day and night. The disc flies straight, it glows like no ones business and its practically indestructible. The design of the led system is frankly ingenious. I have had tons of people come up to me and ask where I got it and I so flashflight.com has become a part of my vocabulary. Keep up the great work!

Yaw Anokwa, Indianapolis, IN

When I'm handing out recognition of great efforts in conviviality I want to provide something fun and useful. That's why the Flashflight is our number one trophy for folks who put out the convivial vibe in a very awesome way!

As a long time flying disc thrower (I.F.A. Master, 1980) who searched long and hard for a night disc that flies well and doesn't need the weight of 9-volt battery I was so stoked when the Flashflight became available.

This disc flies just like an Ultimate disc, the fiber-optic lights look really cool and make an easy disc to catch even in total dark conditions. Thanks, Flashflight!

Grand Poohbah and M.C. (Minister of Conviviality), Boulder, CO

You guys did a fantastic job engineering this flying disc. As an optical engineer, I am very impressed with your implementation of the best technologies available in a remarkably simple and durable fashion.

As a flying disc addict, I love you guys for making it possible for me to play as late as I want. This is the best flying disc ever made and at a very reasonable price!! NICE WORK!!!

Larkin Carey, Oregon




Hi Flashflight. Just wanted to let you know what an amazing product you have. Everything from the shape to the weight is perfect; I can't believe how responsive it is in flight! LED and fiber optics are incredible.

It continues to work even after being run over (dumb woman ran over it twice as she left her driveway). The disk retained very little damage and still flies great. I'm putting an order in for two more as holiday gifts. Thank you and Keep up the Great Work!!

Ron, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey Playhard, the Flashflight discs are fantastic! They've revolutionized the way we slack off at work. Now instead of posting more ultimate tourney photos to the web site, or getting the next issue of Chasing Plastic together, GWAC and I grab a bottle and spend our evenings playing cross country disc golf through the neighborhood.


Eric Reder,

Wow!!! Just got the disc in the mail today. It's really great. It has a nice feel and weight, flies VERY well and looks fantastic. I'm very happy with it.

Terry Clegg, Houston, TX

I was one of the probably many people at the Austin City Limits Festival who bought one of your kick-ass Flashflights. It may well be the greatest invention of my lifetime. Kudos! Everyone I have showed it to has been equally amazed. Good call on the tail light. I think that will be a great help. I'm putting in an order sometime before Christmas.

Jody Horton, Austin, TX

We've been using the Flashflight disc to extend our ultimate games into the night. No ultimate group should be without one.

5280 Ultimate Group, Denver, CO

Just played in a late-night tourney in Philly with these discs. I was surprised at how well they flew. And they really did look pretty cool glowing across the field and into the end zone.

Kelly, Newark, DE

I just got my Flashflight and it is an answer to prayers. I have been waiting for a lighted disc that would allow me to play Ultimate at night.... Thank You Flashflight.

Danny Grimes, Tulsa, OK

The disc arrived this afternoon, and we couldn't wait to try it out. We hit the soccer field at 9:30 and played until 1. The disc flies extremely well, very well balanced. Its firey glow is **awesome**. This was by far the best 20 dollars I've ever spent. Thanks very much!

Tyler, Berkeley Heights, NJ

My friends and I play NightUltimate every friday night.

I LOVE the Flashflight.

Kyle Silva, Benicia CA

When I first saw Flashflight, I was amazed. It is a more than worthy investment. It's durable, easy to see at night, and flies great. I have been playing disc sports for over 13 years and this disc lights up any night game - ultimate, golf, whatever! I wish I had thought of it. If you haven't seen one up close, you gotta try it.

Wayne Ramsey,

I've been waiting for a disc like this for years. I love that the Flashflight feels and flies just like a regular disc. And as tournament director of the biggest co-ed tournament in the world, Potlatch, I'm excited about having Flashflight as a sponsor and available for purchase at the tournament. I can't wait to see lighted discs flying around the field all night long!

Eric Mattson, Seattle, WA

I can't begin to explain to you (aside from you've already tried it) how amazing your Flashflight is. I have a huge soccer field beside my house where there isn't much light. We play there and play for hours! All of us LOVE it. I already have people interested in purchasing one for them selves. If more people knew about your product, it would be unstoppable as people need new things to try. You have successfully put an end to one of the most annoying limitations put on disc players; No light, and made the enjoyment last 24 hours a day. If you could only do the same about the wind. I Love it. Thanks so very much.

Fraser Magee,

I recently purchased your product and I'm absolutely astonished at the quality, weight, and light up ability of the flashflight. I have purchased as many as 8 light up discs and none compare to the flashflight. Your product is the best I've ever seen. Additionally, your service was something to be expected of every Internet store."

Josh Katz, North Woodmere, NY

I just received my Flashflight. It is truly awesome. I'm a Fire Lieutenant in a Central New York fire department. Members of my shift routinely play ultimate to help maintain our fitness level. Sometimes we play at night. Until now, we haven't found a lighted "flying disc" durable enough for us. The Flashflight is perfect. It's durable. It's clearly visible. It handles great and it's just plain awesome. Thank you!!"

Dave Burbank, Ithaca, NY

"Nine of our on-duty fire fighters played ultimate in the snow tonight using the Flashflight. The ability to play Ultimate on-duty is part of our wellness program and helps our firefighters maintain fitness (not to mention the team building). We had a blast tonight! The Flashflight flies like a champ. It also maintains "like new" condition, even after our abuse! Thanks for a great product.

Dave Burbank, Ithaca, NY

After taping a little "body strobe light" on the under side of my disc, I decided I needed to make an investment. I came across your web site immediately and had to order two. They arrived within two days, and I have been addicted ever since. You have given new meaning to night flying disc. I find myself going outside and playing with it by myself when I can't get a friend to toss it with me, and I still love it. It's easily the best toy I have ever owned, and I had Castle Grayskull when I was a kid. I am proud to say that I am able to put it away before I go to sleep at night, but it's still in my dreams. Thank you for bringing a little light to my life.

Perry, San Clemente, CA

WE LOVE IT!!!!!! The only bad part was we had to wait until sundown to open the present. We ALL want one now!

Tammy Rogers, Lincoln, NE

I like it better than my other light up disc. It flies much better and it doesn't taper off when I throw it farther.

Michele Baker, Denver, CO

We try to play disc golf after work and now we can play a little later!

Pat, Salt Lake City, UT

I was skeptical but I bought one for the novelty of it. Turns out it flies great and we love it. Only problem is that we used to know when to go home after pick-up. Now that we can still see the disc we have trouble stopping!

Seth Jaffee, Tucson, AZ

I bought the flashflight in December and just tried it out now, in April. What a blast. My girlfriend and I started after dark and played till we were whipped. Looks great, the pictures don't do it justice. Thanks.

Chris Weisenburger, Colorado Springs, CO

Thanx for the quick delivery of my flashflights. These things are awesome. And the roomarangs were a nice bonus. Just wanted to tell you guys to keep making cool stuff. If you make it, I will buy. Thanx again

Dan, Athens, GA

Your Flashflight flies like a dream. This is the perfect night/day flying disc! It is definitely worth the price! I love it so much! Thank you Play Hard!

Jacob, Buffalo, Minnesota

I can't believe how well this disc flies. I've used other light up discs before, usually in the order of glow sticks around the outside rim that don't work half as well as the flashflight disc. Every time that I have people at my house at night and we are bored, I get them to come and toss the flashflight around, and I convert more people to the flashflight cause. I myself have already bought three of these wonderful things. I keep finding people who want one so badly that I sell them mine and get a new one to replace the old one. Thanks a million for the best lighted disc out there!!!!

Cassey Carlson, Pocatello, ID

Just bought my daughter her "Flashight" "B" for her high school graduation and was impressed with the quality of flight AND the graphics! Alien ships should be so cool! I have been tossing the disc for over 35 years now and it is as much fun as ever; the "Moonlighter" has been supplanted by fibre optics! Good job. I did not realize that I had purchased the other product of yours some years back( for some friends too) of the Mag-lite strap. Adequate for the time but have moved on to the LED type head lamps. Congratulations on some great ideas.

Paul Morgan,

I graduated from high school and we had an all nighter for graduation. Everyone who came got a Flashflight and lots of other cool things. There were over 400 kids that got this light up disc. Every night now about six of us go to the park and play Flashflight. It is so much fun. It never gets boring. It's so much better than a regular disc that doesn't light up.

Sheldon Schaffer, St. Charles, MO

I have a white Lab that loves to play. I just purchased my 5th flashlight frisbee. Not because they broke, but because we have worn them out over the last 10 yrs. These products are worth the money!

Steve Boyd, Chicago