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TaskLit is the perfect LED light up headlamp for up-close tasks. The L.E.D. casts a 4-foot (1.22-m) beam of light that can either glow steadily or flash. Available in white or red, the TaskLit has a simple push-button switch, is water resistant, and is powered by replaceable batteries (included). Elastic band adjusts from 14 - 37 in (35.5 - 94 cm) - wear it on your leg while you bike, your arm while you run, or your head while you play ultimate! Perfect for camping expeditions. Get it done w/ TaskLit!

TaskLit LED Headlamp Features

  • 23 grams, approximately 1.25 x 2 inches.
  • Simple on/off button switch with two modes: blinking or steady.
  • Water-resistant (but not water-PROOF - we recommend that you dry out the battery compartment if it gets wet).
  • Floats!
  • Powered by two replaceable CR2016 lithium coin cell batteries (included) that provide 20-25 hours of brightness.
  • An extra set of batteries is included!
  • Constructed using very durable plastic and an elastic band that adjusts - use around the head, arm, or leg.
  • Available in red or white.
  • Another amazing product conceptualized by Playhard, Inc., and manufactured by NiteIze, Inc.

Note: product may turn off after 30 seconds when in battery-saving "try-me" mode. To deactivate: (1) turn product off; (2) press on and hold until the light blinks rapidly; (3) keep holding until light goes off. Play on!

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