Personal Safety

Our personal safetey LED Light-Up products are ideal for students, baby strollers, jogging, walking, cycling, car emergencies, camping, etc. The versatility and ease of use makes the tasklit and spotlit a great addition to any backback, glovebox, or dog collar for those who wish to be seen in low light conditions.

BikeLit: LED Light-Up Bike Light


The BikeLit LED Bike Light is a bicycle safety marker that attaches easily and quickly to your brake cables or the metal bars under your seat. No tools required - simply hang on the front, back, or side of your bike - and go.

Tasklit: LED Light-Up Headlamp


TaskLit is the perfect LED light up headlamp for up-close tasks. The L.E.D. casts a 4-foot (1.22-m) beam of light that can either glow steadily or flash. Available in white or red, the TaskLit has a simple push-button switch, is water resistant, and is

SpotLit: LED Clip-On Safety Light


So many uses, so little time. Perfect for your dog's collar! You can also attach it to your zipper, keys, purse, backpack, bike, or stroller. Keep one in your glove box or gym bag... the possibilities are endless. The SpotLit has a clip that allows for

GetLit S-Biner LED Bottle Opener


The ultimate in multi-tasking: a carabiner, LED light AND a bottle-opener in one little piece of hardware? You got it!

KeyLit LED Keychain Light


The KeyLit is a must-have hardware and LED accessory. First, let's talk about the key-organizing part of this doo-dad: The KeyLit has a durable, stainless-steel carabiner clip with a secure gate closure on one end, allowing you to clip your keys to an

SeeKey LED Keyring Light


The SeeKey is the perfect combination of two things everyone needs: a sturdy ring to carry keys, and a good light so you can see handles, knobs, and ignitions when it's dark outside.

MoonLit LED Area Light


The MoonLit can be used and reused in countless configurations—it's an easy, handy way to shine ambient light from almost any angle.