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Flashflight Hole-In-One

Flashflight Hole-In-One LED Golf Disc: A white LED light you attach to your golf disc!

Retrofit the golf disc of your choice with this cool, white LED light. The Hole-In-One is designed to be permanently affixed to the center of any golf disc so you can play disc golf, and play, and play.

This little bugger is a perfect replacement of glowsticks for glow disc golf. Play night disc golf well after dark - the bright LED glow allows you to locate your golf disc time and time again.

Note: Innova Champion Disc NOT included - but we're certain you have an oldie-but-goodie somewhere in your disc golf bag that you can convert into a night-time instrument of fun!

Flashflight Hole-In-One LED Golf Disc Features

  • 10 grams, 1.25" [32 mm] diameter
  • Simple push-button on/off switch.
  • Water resistant (but not water-PROOF - if it gets wet, we recommend taking it apart and letting everything dry before playing again).
  • Secure, permanent attachment.
  • Shock-proof - we tested this by throwing golf discs with Hole-In-Ones at a brick wall, at point-blank range!
  • Powered by two replaceable CR2016 batteries (included) that provide 25+ hours of brightness.
  • Available in white.
  • Disc not included.
  • Best used with translucent golf discs for the best glow, like Innova Champion plastic.

NOTE: We asked some of the world?s top disc players to test their golf discs with the Hole-In-One, and they reported that (1) there was minimal effect on flight performance, (2) the additional 10 grams enabled their discs to fly a bit farther, and (3) the light was incredible to watch fly that far and easy to find. For the best visibility, use a translucent disc, preferably green or yellow ? these were the brightest in our test market!

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