Fun & Games

The fun and games do not have to stop when the sun is setting! Our LED light-up flying discs which may be used for Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee or a simply tossing in the backyard allows the games to continue well into the evening.

Flashflight: LED Light-Up Flying Disc


Yep, this is the one you've seen flying everywhere: on the beach, at the park, in the parking structure, on the golf course (shh! that's our little secret). People love their Flashflights SO much, they play where/whenever they can.

Flashflight jr: Medium Sized LED Light-Up Flying Disc

Flashflight jr

The Flashflight jr LED light-up flying disc is the "middle child" in the Flashflight family. The jr version is slightly smaller and is the perfect light-up disc for smaller hands and those still learning how to throw. Durable, flexible, and lit with a

Flashflight Mini: Small LED Light-Up Flying Disc

Flashflight Mini

The Flashflight mini light-up flying disc is the "baby" of the Flashflight family.

Ultimate Disc: Competetive 175 gram white ultimate disc

Flashflight Ultimate Disc

Competetive daytime 175 gram ultimate disc with the same outstanding flight and feel as the Flashflight.

Flashflight 24/7 Combo Pack

Flashflight 24/7 Combo Pack

Life is grand when you have the freedom to play disc all day and all night. Combination pack includes one 185-gram FLASHFLIGHT light-up flying disc (batteries included) and one 175-gram ULTIMATE DISC (white).

Flashflight Game Set: 1 LED Light-Up Disc & 2 TaskLits

Flashflight Game Set

Spice up your evening with a little light-up toss: one red Flashflight + two red TaskLit headlamps = hours of fun.

RideLit LED Skateboard Light

RideLit Skateboard

The RideLit LED Skateboard Light is a groovy marker that attaches easily and quickly on the under-side of your skateboard deck - no tools required!

AstroBrite LED Light-Up Juggling Ball


The inventors of Flashflight are master jugglers (in more ways than one), and they have created a ball to honor their love of juggling. The Astrobrite is a soft, light-up juggling ball that allows everyone to play well into the night.