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Yep, this is the one you've seen flying everywhere: on the beach, at the park, in the parking structure, on the golf course (shh! that's our little secret). People love their Flashflights SO much, they play where/whenever they can.

The Flashflight light-up flying disc is our original light-up disc, the one that got the ball (well, disc) rolling, the one that lets you play disc well past sunset! The Flashflight is illuminated by a single LED and nine fiber-optic strands that push the light to the rim of the disc. Flashflights are powered by replaceable batteries and are NOT disposable - they're built to last and last. Created by an ultimate freak and his brainy friend, the Flashflight flies long and straight, just like a regular ultimate disc. Spread laughter, joy and light with Flashflight!

Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc Features

  • Constructed with very high-quality, hand-friendly, soft plastic that is durable and ready for lots of action.
  • Illuminated using a single LED and nine fiber-optic strands. Pretty darn cool-looking, actually. The entire discs glows and isn't blinding, which is key when it's flying toward you!
  • Powered by replaceable and readily available batteries (included). One set of batteries provides 25+ hours of light-up fun.
  • Features a low-profile on/off switch and battery compartment.
  • Floats and is water-resistant - but not water-PROOF. It's not a big deal if it gets wet. We just recommend that you dry out the battery compartment when you're done playing.
  • Engineered to fly long and straight.
  • 185 grams, 10.7-inch (27-cm) diameter.
  • Available in four colors: red, green, blue, and Disc-o (the cool LED that slowly cycles through several colors).
  • Unique, memorable birthday gift appreciated by all ages.
  • Makes a great evening or camping serving platter.

Custom Printing

A custom-printed Flashflight can be an awesome promotional product that naturally creates visibility. It can also jazz up your wedding, family reunion, birthday party, or bar/bat mitzvah! Rather than spending money on a throw-away trinket, custom print on a durable, fun item that will be kept for years and years. Flashflights consistently solicit "Wow!" and "I have to see that!" kind of interest. Call 800-678-6483 for details.

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Flashflight Reviews:

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Carole Nadeau et je veux intégrer l'Ultimate frisbee dans ma région. J'ai besoin de frisbees qui illuminent la nuit afin de pouvoir jouer sur notre terrain qui n'a pas d'éclairage. Merci beaucoup! Carole Nadeau

Carole Nadeau

WOW!!! this disc is amazing, it is so easy to throw. Me and my family/ friends play with it as often as we can and we all love it so much. Thank you flashflight for making such a good flying disc that lights up also.

Vern Matushak

If you are a disc enthusiast, you'll absolutely love this and will not believe the quality and the enjoyment you'll get out of throwin this around at night. Love it, and have bought it as a gift for many. Phantastic. ; )

Deron Birsa

we bought the dog discuits red & green in june last year.they are still working great and dublin our dalmation is just crazy for them! he just loves to catch them at night. thanks for making such a great product! would like to see them in some diff colors. dubs thinks purple would be cool.

rhonda bergeron

As the days shorten with autumn, the flashflight disc has extended our evening Ultimate games by 2-3 goals. Yes, there are subtle differences when compared to a Discraft disc, but an experienced handler can compensate and have fun. We bring it out for the last few goals to extend play. It\'s the next best thing to getting out of work early.

Old Goat Steve Michelin

This disc is amazing. It's bright, durable and it flies similar to an ultimate (discraft 175) disc.

Dan Becker

Wow I just played some ultimate earlier today before getting this disc in the mail. This one has a better feel and throw than the other high quality disc i was using. Thanks for the amazing product.

Andrew Daw

The Flashflight disc is so much fun to play with at night!!! We have all the colors and when they are all in the air, it's amazing...

Ryan Shane

These things are awesome! The delivery was fast and it flies perfectly. So much fun at night.

Chris Bickel

This disc is awesome! It flys great and and playing atnight is better than playing during te day.

Karl Brauer

Best frisbee I have ever owned. After I bought mine, all my friends went out and bought one for themselves. LOVE IT!!

Stephen Ferg

This disc is very cool - throws similar to a 175g Ultimate, the LEDs are recessed so they won\'t break off (although one of mine is mysteriously not working this summer), nice plastic, won\'t crack. Flexible yet firm. Flies & throws GREAT. This is truly like a regular Frisbee that lights up. No compromises. These guys did the ultimate job here - they created a real, usable frisbee that also lights up, not some crappy disc with some electronics thrown in. A durable, throwable disc. Worth every penny and cool as hell.

George Coghill

Wonderful night-cap......cap : ) If you know what I mean.

Dan Calhoun

I just played with this thing.... it's probably the best round of disc I've ever played. I'm ordering one right now.

Leo Murcia

I love this Disc. It actually flies better than most competition discs, and it maintains great flying over repeated use better than my other discs. Its great for parties too!

Isaac Lassiter

This is the best lighted disc I've ever had. Might even be the best disc period... I've tried nine different lighted discs over 15 years. This one flies and feels better than any other. I'm impressed with how my children can catch better at night with a Flashflight.

Jonathan Bryan