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Dog Discuit

The Dog Discuit is a durable, chomper-proof, LED light-up flying disc that lets you and your Spot play fetch well into the night. The simple on/off button switch is protected by a bomber dog-proof cap that has been tested on some of the most persistent chompers around.

The single LED lights up the entire disc and is powered by two replaceable CR2016 batteries (included) that provide 25+ hours of fetching fun. The Discuit can get wet; we just recommend that you dry out the battery compartment after you come inside. Around the globe, tails are wagging their thanks!

Discuit LED Light-Up Dog Disc Features

  • Constructed using a plastic (polyurethane, actually) that is soft, flexible, durable, translucent, and perfect for all hand and mouth sizes.
  • SUPER durable - tested for hours and hours by some of the toughest, roughest chompers we could find.
  • Engineered to fly long and straight, so Spot won't get confused by wacky flight patterns.
  • Illuminated by a single LED.
  • Powered by two replaceable (and readily available) CR2016 batteries (included).
  • Simple button on/off switch and batteries are protected from Spot's teeth by a special cap.
  • Floats and is water-resistant, although we recommend that you dry out the battery compartment when you're done playing, in case some water got inside.
  • 120 grams, 8.5-inch [215 mm] diameter.
  • Available in two colors: red and green.

Note: The Dog Discuit is not a chew toy. Please supervise your pet while in use.

Note: product may turn off after 30 seconds when in battery-saving "try-me" mode. To deactivate: (1) turn product off; (2) press on and hold until the light blinks rapidly; (3) keep holding until light goes off. Play on!

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Dog Discuit Reviews:

The flashlight Jr is the BEST! My German Shepherd loves it and just can\'t get enough of it! I love the jr because it is softer material that doesn\'t get chewed up and rough. Levi can actually bend the disc in half and not hurt it. After over a year, it still has no rough edges that hurt your hands or his mouth! The disc has lasted the longest of his toys. This is an excellent toy for those dogs that are addicted to disc like mine.

Elizabeth Marsh