Flashflight light up flying discs
Poultry Days is a legacy! We're helping the fund for the chicken.

Flashflight is a new flying disc that lights up like no other! It feels and flies just like the disc you are used to throwing during the day. Take an opportunity to view our web site for testimonials and pictures of our illuminated disc. - In addition, look for Flashflight discs for sale at Poultry Days this year!
Poultry Days
When you place your order using the "D-POULTRYDAYS" ID code, you'll get a FREE Roomarang, (another fun flying toy comes in 5 colors).
How to get your very own Flashflight:
Click on the "ORDER NOW" link in step 5.
Fill in all the required order information.
When you get to the step 2 requesting an ID Code:
enter "D-POULTRYDAYS" and complete your order

Flashflight streak